Top 6 Jewelry Shops in Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica, California
Photo: Mirko / Adobe Stock
From experienced jewelers to beautiful rocks, we will walk through the famous jewelry shops in Santa Monica and get you the ring of your dreams!

Are you shopping for engagement rings with your partner soon? Perhaps you are wondering what shops offer the best jewelry, engagement rings, and wedding bands in Santa Monica.

There are many shops in the city where lots of couples have found beautiful rings to symbolize their love and devotion. These jewelry shops offer a wide range of diamond rings, precious gemstones, as well as customized rings to fit your taste and style.

Here is a list of 6 top jewelry shops you should visit in Santa Monica when it’s time to shop for that important piece of jewelry.

Yale Jewelers

Yale Jewelers have been in business since 1978 with so many positive reviews by satisfied customers all through the years. Their philosophy is to create engagement and wedding rings that fit your personality, style, and taste.

Yale Jewelers specializes in engagement rings, wedding bands, and jewelries with a unique collection of exquisite pieces ranging from modern trends to statement pieces.

Their engagement rings include a diamond ring with halo, blue and diamond ring, and multiple diamond engagement rings.

Visit Yale Jewelers at 2839 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90403, visit their website, or call (310) 829-060

Sofia Kaman Fine Jewelry

This jewelry shop has a variety of eco-friendly engagement rings and wedding bands, including recycled metals, antique diamonds, gems, and lab-grown diamonds.

Their collections fit the vintage style or a more modern preference. Their handmade vintage rings include Edwardian flower diamond cluster ring, half-hoop vintage ring, vintage and clover rings. Their modern rings come in pear shape salt and pepper, Athena halo round rose and pear shape, Artemis rose cut diamond, Marquise engagement ring, and others.

They also have gemstone rings, including emerald, sapphire, and mystic opal in different cuts and sizes. Visit Sofia Kaman Fine Jewelry at 3215 Pico Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90405, call 310.310.3998, or visit their website.

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany have made a name for themselves as the creators of spectacular designs, customized engagement rings, and wedding bands since 1886. Their rings are made of Diamond, Gold, Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, pearl, and other materials.

They offer some diamond shapes including Round Brilliant Cut, Cushion Cut, Tiffany True Cut, Princess Cut, Oval cut, emerald cut, heart shape and pear shape cut. Popular diamond colors include yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, and white diamonds.

Their shop is at 395 Santa Monica Pl, Santa Monica, CA 90401, United States. You can book an appointment on +1 310-395-4080, or visit their website.

Heist Jewelry

This jewelry shop has a beautiful range of engagement rings made of different metals and rocks in brilliant colors. They have modern, vintage rings, and engage in the custom design of wedding bands, and engagement rings.

Their spectacular engagement rings include Double diamond, round diamond, Turquoise inlay circle diamond, diamond elegant, and diamond triangular.

Visit heist jewelry at 1230 Montana Ave #104 Santa Monica CA, 90403, call 310.395.3205, or browse through their website.

Curated Los Angeles

These jewelers have a knack for Redesigning antique jewelry, customizing rings, creating engagement rings, and wedding bands.

Their beautiful engagement rings come in different cuts, colors, and settings. Some most famous rings from these jewelers include Oval Sky Blue Tourmaline Solitaire Ring, Diamond Slice Pave Gold Ring, Pear Shape Diamond Yellow Gold Ring, Petite Yellow Diamond Alternative Engagement Ring, and Diamond Yellow Gold Double Triangle Ring.

Browse through the gallery of exquisite engagement rings and wedding bands on their website, call 1(424)252-9183 and visit 1603 Montana Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90403.

Moondance jewelry gallery

These jewelers have beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands made of different gemstones including Diamond, Topaz, Grey, Diamond, Emerald, Pink Sapphire, Opal, Pearl, Period, and Tourmaline. Their metals and materials include gold, sterling silver, Rose Gold, and Gold Fill.

Moondance jewelry has engagement rings in different price ranges from $2o0 to over $2001 depending on your budget. Visit Moondance jewelry at 1530 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403, call 310.395.5516, or visit their website.

An engagement, and eventually, marriage is a dream come true to many couples. We hope that you find engagement rings that remind you of your love and passion for your partner.