2 Carat Diamond Ring Buying Guide

2 carat engagement ring
Photo: peterschreiber.media / Adobe Stock
You’ve learned all about the 1 carat diamond ring, but now it’s time to take things up a notch with a 2-carat diamond ring!

Previously, we provided a buying guide for a 1 carat diamond ring. Now, we’re back, and we’re here for those who need a 2-carat diamond ring. Whether you’ve made your decision that this is the one you need or you’re here for a comparison, welcome. By the end, we hope you’re in a better position to make the right decision for both you and your loved one.

So far, we’ve created lots of content based around engagement rings and diamonds. If you want to learn everything we know on the topic, feel free to take a look around our informative guides!

Cost of a 2 Carat Diamond Ring

With each ‘carat’ equal to 200 milligrams, a 2-carat diamond is therefore around 400 milligrams in weight. How much does this cost? Well, it’s going to be more expensive than a 1 carat diamond ring… but not just double. There’s a common misconception that 2-carat diamonds are twice the price, but the cost of diamonds compound as you increase in size. Why? Because the larger stones are rarer.

In the market, you’ll see 2-carat diamond rings priced between $5,000 and $60,000. The next section should explain this wide variation in price.

Importance of the Four Cs

Essentially, there are two main factors that affect the price of a 2-carat diamond ring:

  • The Four Cs
  • Material Choice

Firstly, we’ll deal with the four Cs since this plays the largest role. In case you haven’t seen our guide (and individual detailed guides on each of the four Cs), they stand for Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. We know the Carat of your ring, but the other three Cs will vary depending on the ring.


Does the diamond have defects or inclusions that affect the way that light passes through the stone? This is the basics of clarity, and diamonds are judged on a scale from Flawless to Included. While Flawless is the clearest of all diamonds, it’s also the most expensive, and it’s not always necessary considering that lower grades still have a sensational appearance without magnification. Even at the fourth tier down, VVS2 (Very, Very Slightly Included), it’s impossible to see blemishes and inclusions with the naked eye.


With color, this is another factor assessed by the GIA and other institutes, and they look at the colorlessness of the diamond. When a diamond has a yellow or tinted hue, it will have a lower grade. When buying a 2-carat diamond ring, we recommend staying between G and I. Even when set against the lighter metals, the diamond should still look colorless (and you can save some money by avoiding the very top grades).


Thirdly, people often mistakenly think the cut is all about shape when it also considers the interaction with light and beauty of the diamond itself. With an Excellent cut, it will have maximum fire, scintillation, and brilliance. There’s not necessarily a correct answer to the question of cut, but we recommend choosing Excellent while sacrificing in other areas.

When buying a diamond ring, the relationship between the four Cs will affect the price you pay. With three of the Cs on a 2-carat diamond ring in the lower grades, it will be low in quality and low in price. At the other end of the scale, a ring with the Cs in the higher grades will be significantly more expensive.

With this in mind, it’s something to consider when buying a ring. Remember, you don’t always need to go for the highest grades when something just below the top grades will look and perform just as well.

Material Choice

As well as the diamond itself, don’t ignore the choice of material. While some will go for platinum, others prefer gold or even white gold. Here’s a little insight into each:


Durable and dense, platinum is a hypoallergenic material and one that will never change color or fade. With the natural strength and purity of the material, it’s a popular choice.


Unfortunately, the purity that offers strength to platinum is what causes problems for gold. As a naturally soft metal, the best rings are combined with other metals for durability and strength.

White Gold

Finally, although it requires re-plating, white gold is a more affordable version of platinum. It offers a beautiful reflective appearance and a beautiful setting for a diamond.

Where to Buy a 2-Carat Diamond Ring

This is a huge question, and you might be confused as to where to get your 2-carat diamond ring. Should you visit a physical store? Should you order online? Well, we believe this depends on the individual. With the guidance in our blog here, you have the tools required to make an informed decision. However, we understand that some of you will want to look at potential rings in person and take advantage of expert knowledge in a physical store. If the latter, be aware that the service will come with a premium in terms of pricing.

If ordering online, make sure you use a trusted service, look at the 360-degree videos, and don’t feel forced into a decision.

Getting the Best Value

To finish, here’s some advice on getting the best value from a 2-carat diamond ring and ensuring you don’t overspend.

  • Always choose a diamond with a quality certificate from AGS or GIA.
  • Be willing to drop down grades (don’t worry, the diamond will still look amazing!). As long as you have an Excellent cut, you could choose a diamond between G and I for Color and VS1 and VS2 for clarity. The diamond will sparkle brightly while not causing too much damage to the bank account.
  • With material and shape, go with your personal preference (and don’t be afraid to have a conversation with your partner if it’s an engagement ring). With one simple conversation, you prevent buying a ring they will dislike.
  • Go see diamond rings in a physical store
  • Consider getting a diamond that’s just over or under 2 carats because this will save some pennies.