Best Shops to Buy Jewelry in Fayetteville

Fayetteville NC
Photo: Christopher Boswell / Adobe Stock
Whether you want customized rings or you are happy to choose from a gallery of regal, vintage, or modern engagement rings, Fayetteville has what you need.

If you live in the beautiful city of Fayetteville, you are lucky to have fantastic jewelry shops in your locality where you can get beautiful engagement rings to mark your joyful moment.

Whether you want customized diamonds customized just for you, or you are happy to choose from a gallery of regal, vintage, or modern engagement rings, the city holds several jewelry shops that have what you need.

To contribute to your milestone and share in your joy, we have made a list of famous jewelry stores in Fayetteville, where you can shop for your engagement rings and wedding bands.

Diamond Center Jewelers

These jewelers have widely sourced designs to fit your unique personality and that of your partner. They offer engagement rings in different styles and designs of diamonds and other gemstones.

Diamond center jewels specialize in diamond engagement and wedding rings including ruby and sapphire of different colors including two colored and tri-colored versions
Their Gemstone colors include orange, blue, red, pink, and multi-colored of different types like Amethyst, Garnet, Aquamarine, and Citrine.

To choose from their array of beautiful engagement rings, visit their website, call (479) 445-6646 or (479) 452-0246, or visit their shop at 5111 Rogers Ave. Suite 153 Fort Smith AR 72903

Hinkamp Jewelers

These jewelers offer hand-selected engagement rings and bridal jewelry featuring beautiful, exquisite, and high-quality pieces. They have engagement rings and wedding bands in white gold, platinum, or yellow gold and different cuts, colors, and shapes of diamond rings.

If you want a customized engagement ring, their team of experts will also work with you to design the perfect piece you can cherish for many years.

Book an appointment with Hinkamp Jewelers by calling (910) 864-2965 or visit their local store at McPherson Square Suite 104 201 S McPherson Church Road Fayetteville, NC 28303. You can also visit their website to look into what they offer.

Saslow’s Jewelers

These jewelers offer beautiful diamond engagement rings and wedding bands of different styles, cuts, and colors.
Saslow’s Jewelers have an array of diamond engagement rings in different sizes including, cushion, pear, oval, Marquise, Princess, Emerald, Halo, cluster
Whether you want the bold diamond, or the tiny rock that stands out despite its size, or a piece of jewelry that speaks elegance, confidence, or love, these jewelers have their shelves stocked with them.

Visit Saslow’s Jewelers at 419 Cross Creek Mall STE 337, Fayetteville, NC 28303, or call +1 910-867-3883. You can also browse their website to get an idea of the kind of diamonds they offer.

Swift’s Jewelry

This jewelry shop has an impressive line-up of engagement rings and wedding bands made of White gold and Rose gold. They offer single, double, and multiple diamond engagement rings from famous designers like Andrea Candela, Classic of New York, Benjamin Cohen, Galatea, Royal Jewelry, and others.

Swift’s jewelry also has Colored Stone Rings, Semi-mount Rings, Silver Rings, Pearl Rings, and others. The rocks on display on Swift’s jewelry are of different price ranges to fit into your budget without affecting their beauty and uniqueness.

Visit Swift’s Jewelry at 27 North Block Avenue, P.O. Box 4025 Fayetteville, AR 72702-4025, call (479) 442-8062, or look up their website.

Romance Diamond Co. Jewelers

These Jewelers offer beautiful diamond engagement rings of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Their popular list of engagement rings and wedding bands, including French set Halo diamond, Modern bypass Micropave diamond, and three-row pave diamonds.

Romance Diamond Co. Jewelers are located at 248 West Dickson St Fayetteville, AR 72701. You can call them on (479) 443-9289.

Diamonds and Gold Inc

Diamonds And Gold Inc high-quality diamonds from some of the biggest manufacturers around the globe. You can choose from the most extensive collection of diamonds in several sizes, cuts, colors, and styles. If you want a personalized engagement ring or wedding band, their expert staff can produce diamond jewelry to fit your exact specifications from the diamond cut to color, shape, size, and style.

Their large selection of engagements and wedding rings come in white, Rose gold and yellow gold. Book an appointment with Diamonds and Gold Inc on +1 479-445-6646 visit their shop at 4201 N Shiloh Dr. Suite 1825, Fayetteville, AR 72703, United States, or their website.

We hope you enjoy shopping for your engagement ring in one of these jewelry stores, and find an engagement ring that suits your taste, and stands the test of time.