Best Jewelry Stores in Anchorage

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Visit one of these jewelry dealers in Anchorage and find that remarkable engagement ring to mark a memorable moment in your life!

Where to Buy Jewelry & Engagement Rings in Anchorage

If you have decided to pop the question to your significant other, you will probably be looking for the best engagement ring to go with your proposal. You definitely want to get something unique, something that stands out, a piece of jewelry that perfectly represents the depth of your feelings. If you are looking to shop for your engagement ring in Anchorage, several shops in the city offer different cuts and styles of diamond rings, and customized precious stones.

Here is a list of 6 jewelers in Anchorage that sell diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.

Michael’s Jewelers

These jewelers deal in internationally recognized jewelry and engagement rings. They offer engagement rings in gemstone, diamond, gold, platinum, pearl, and dazzling precious stones like Ruby, Sapphire, Tiger Iron, Amethyst, Onyx, and Topaz. Anchorage-based Michael’s jewelry is also into customized engagement rings and wedding bands that fit your preference and budget. Their engagement rings come in different sets, including Crisscross, 3 stone, bypass, halo, straight, and free form.

Visit Michael’s Jewelers at 3689 Arctic Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99503, call (907) 349-3381, or visit their website.

5th Avenue Jewelers

These jewelers specialize in Alaskan gold nugget and gold quartz, pure gold, engagement rings, and certified diamonds. Their engagement rings and wedding bands come in different karats of Rose Gold, Two-Tone Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and platinum. They also specialize in custom design, giving you an engagement ring customized for you. 5th Avenue Jewelers also offer insurance to protect your jewelry from theft or damage.

Browse through their website, book an appointment by calling (907) 258-3635, or visit 345 W. 5th Avenue Anchorage, AK 99501

Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fred Meyer Jewelers are certified by the Diamond Council of America and offer a unique variety of quality jewelry and engagement rings. Their beautiful engagement collections include Morganite, white diamond, yellow diamond, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Rose Gold, White Gold, Amethyst, and other materials. Fred Meyer Jewelers also offers jewelry care and protection plan for your engagement rings and wedding bands.

Visit this shop at 2300 Abbott Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507, United States, or call (907) 365-2015.

Ben Bridge Jewelers

Ben Bridge Jewelers have been operating for over 100 years, producing quality jewelry from engagement rings to marriage bands and other unique jewelry. This Anchorage-based shop has different styles and cuts of engagement rings, including Vintage-Inspired Rings, Classics, Solitaire, Halo, Gemstone, Three Stone, Colored Diamonds, and many other unique pieces. They also offer returns and exchanges and warranty for that beautiful piece you want for your lover.

Ben Bridges Jewelers are at 3104 Seward Hwy #3, Anchorage, AK 99503, United States. Visit their website, or call +1 907-272-4145

Pandora Jewelers

These jewelers are renowned for their hand-finished jewelry, including diamond pieces, gold, silver, and gold-plated materials of higher quality. Pandora Jewelry has high-quality engagement rings and wedding bands. They also offer customized rings made of sapphire, diamonds of different cuts, sizes, and colors.

Visit Pandora jewelers at 320 W 5th Ave #202, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States. Put a call through to +1 907-258-0008, and book an appointment.

Giamante Jewelers

Anchorage-based Giamante Jewelers offer custom designed jewelry and unique engagement rings and wedding bands made from exceptional diamonds. You can choose from there available cuts, colors, and shapes of completed engagement rings or select a rock and style of your choice and get it made into the perfect size. Giamante designers offer total design and production services to create that piece of jewelry that perfectly matches your beloved’s personality and taste.

You can choose between different diamonds and other gem and see them in 3D forms before production to ensure you are getting the exact ring of your dreams. You can find Giamante Jewelers at 2101 Abbott Rd Ste 8 Anchorage, AK, 99507. Call them on (907) 980-0005, or visit their website.